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therapist in Austin TX for eating disorders

Offering In-Person & Virtual Sessions for Texas Residents as well as
Virtual Sessions for California Residents

Individuals Counseling

My Approach to Therapy

Hopewell Counseling offers tailored counseling sessions for residents of Texas and virtual sessions for Californian residents. Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or the convenience of virtual counseling, Simone is here to support you on your journey towards healing and personal growth.


Our counseling sessions are tailored to your individual needs, providing a safe and supportive space for exploration and healing. We will work collaboratively to address a wide range of concerns, including;

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • relationship issues

  • ADHD challenges

  • Eating Disorders

  • trauma

  • addictions

  • sexual dysfunctions and intimacy concerns

  • perimenopause and menopause 

Experience the convenience of in-person and online counseling sessions and take the first step towards positive change and emotional well-being. 

My clinical style is grounded in the Family Systems Theory which addresses presenting concerns by looking at the whole puzzle and understanding how each piece is interconnected and contributes to the bigger picture.  It is when these pieces don't fit, or the system struggles to accommodate the moving part, that difficulties arise. The individual feels stuck in an unhelpful dance of emotion, thought, and behavior which leads to disconnection.  This disconnection presents itself not only in relationships but in dealing with the stresses of daily life; how one then views the self.

List of Therapy Models I Incorporate:

  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

  • Attachment Theory 

  • DBT 

  • Narrative Therapy 

  • AEDP 

  • ACT 

  • Structural Family Therapy 

  • Gestalt Therapy

Each of these models offers unique insights and techniques that can help individuals work through life's challenges and navigate difficult emotions and experiences.


 My goal is to provide guidance and support to enable the process of rediscovering your internal strengths and resources to shift the dance.  Therefore, it is crucial that I provide an atmosphere of safety and acceptance to build a trusting relationship to journey with you on a path to self-compassion, hope, and healing.‍‍  

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